Improve your Writing Skills

Improving your Writing

It’s quiet out, you’ve emptied your diary, dusted-off your keyboard and your thoughts are ticking over, when BANG writers block hits you like a punch in the face. Or maybe it’s not so dramatic, maybe it’s a more stealthy assault, slowly gnawing away at your concentration and nibbling away at your confidence. Either way the end result’s the same: a blank page staring back at you.

You’re in serious need of a stimulus and Copy Bird is here to help. We have teamed-up with professional journalists and seasoned writers to provide practical advice and creative inspiration for anyone hoping to improve their writing skills.

You’ll find expert articles on all aspects of creative writing from writing for children to writing short stories, as well as plenty of tips for writing non-fiction. In addition to providing no-nonsense advice we are developing a Writers’ Forum; where you can share your thoughts with other aspiring writers.

While we are starting small we have got big plans and we would love everyone to get involved. So whether you are just setting off on your first literary journey, or are a published author with sage words to share, please get in touch today.